Welcome to the Peak of Potencia WikiEdit

Welcome, This is a Stick Empires Clan's private wiki. This is the first clan not to use a private website but a wiki. The founder of this Clan is simsim40.

This clan's main aim is to become powerful and make sure the Stick Empires Community has no massers that can harass newbies. We will ask for you to do your best for the Stick Empire Community. We will also ask for you to work hard so the clan will long live and stay alive!

We also host special games for our members to be as pleased as possible and to make our clan more fun and welcoming. Please join for the chance to play in Spearton-Shadowrath ping pong, Magikill and Meric Wars, tournaments, and more!

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Since this is a clan don't expect a lot of pages.

Go to the following link and follow the instructions to join:‎

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